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Details American-Evangelicals-Today

American Evangelicals Today American Evangelicals Today provides a broad overview of evangelical Protestants in the U.S. We may think we understand this often-profiled group, but our pictures are usually drawn from mass media accounts or stereotypes ...

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Details Evangelicals-and-Culture-Second-Edition

Evangelicals and Culture Nineteenth-century evangelicals have often been dismissed as anti-intellectual and philistine. This book draws on periodicals, memoirs, and letters to discover how far this was true of British evangelicals between 1790 and ...

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Details American-Evangelical-Protestantism-and-European-Immigrants-1800-1924

American Evangelical Protestantism and European Immigrants, 1800-1924 Few topics are as pertinent to the American political scene as immigration. This timely book examines the attitude of American Evangelical Protestants towards immigration into the ...

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Details Prisoners-of-Hope-Aspects-of-Evangelical-Millennialism-in-Britain-and-Ireland-1800-1880-Studies-in-Evangelical-History-and-Thought

Prisoners of Hope? A fervant millennial hope has often existed at the heart of Protestant evangelicalism. Varieties of eschatology have exercised a profound impact on the movement's theology and history. Although millennialism had a respected lineage ...

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Details A-Public-Faith-Evangelicals-and-Civic-Engagement-Ethics-and-Public-Policy-Center

The essays in this volume take another look at the role of evangelicals in American civic life. The prominent contributors examine evangelicals' beliefs and activity on topics ranging from bioethics to race relations and welfare reform to ...

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Details Fellowship-with-slavery-report-republished-from-the-minutes-of-the-Evangelical-Consociation-Rhode-Island

This book, "Fellowship with slavery report republished from the minutes of the Evangelical Consociation, Rhode Island. 2", by Congregational Churches in Rhode Island. Evangelical Consociation., is a replication of a book originally published before ...

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Details Evangelical-Life-As-Seen-in-the-Example-of-Our-Lord-Jesus-Christ-1855

Evangelical Life: As Seen In The Example Of Our Lord Jesus Christ (1855) (Hardback)

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Details Redeeming-America-Evangelicals-and-the-Road-to-Civil-War-The-American-Ways-Series

Analyzing the struggle by evangelical Protestants for the mind and soul of America in the decades before the Civil War, Johnson lucidly explores the nature of the evangelical message, the conflict of ideas within the movement, and the influence of ...